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We help our valued clients to find the right targets, placing the right products at the right places on right time. Business-to-Business (B2B) Opportunity Identification is one of the core services that we provide. Our marketing campaigns whether net new customer acquisitions or nurturing existing customers combine all the latest techniques with increasing dependency on digital marketing, helping to reach all target accounts / markets to assess current and future needs of target product and solutions. In addition, the analytics we drive in each project helps to understand the Existing Environment, Competition, Purchase Behaviour, Preferences etc. setting a platform for our clients to drive the future marketing.

We leverage our years of experience of closely watching the behaviour of the Indian and the International market scenario to design tools and content with absolute contemporariness and execute campaigns with excellence that earns highest ROI within the industry.
Target Your Customer

We transform DATA into actionable insights & essential intelligence which
is required at every step of business decision. Our business intelligence solutions combine broad data, deep business vertical & cluster intelligence, validated information along with consulting services which is backed-up by powerful analytics. Give our clients unrivalled insights of the market and the competition.

With time Machwan has introduced a variety of services on the plate. Our services are adopted by several of the technology giants as well as clients from other verticals. Our MNC and Indian clients often use services from the laundry list.

Evangelistic Engagement

Evangelism marketing is one of the latest tactics often used as an Influencer marketing for B2B and B2C segments. As a marketing support organization, we find exactly the kind of customers, our clients target – get them engaged, excited and so that they tell the others about our client’s organization, products and services. Through a series of marketing efforts, we try to convert their customers into evangelists / advocates for their brand.


 Door Opening Discussion

As a marketing support organization, sometimes we face challenges to narrow down a sales lead because of various issues such as shortage of content, less clarity, unable to take spot decisions, longer decision-making cycle. For such cases we opened the doors for our clients to reach the prospect, which is basically bridging the prospect with our clients. Before the discussion, we help our clients feeding them valuable business critical intelligence, interest areas and decision making about the prospect. This helps our client to conduct better homework to make the sales pitch effective.

Account based marketing programs, Pipeline Building, Lead Funnel Building, Cross sell and LOBs Programs

We use our huge data repository cutting across all the top verticals including Govt, Healthcare, Education and prospective ones such as logistics, retail, etc. representing Enterprises, Mid-Market and SOHO for regulation Sales Enablement programs, Pipeline Building, Lead Cross sell and LOBs Programs. We fill the gap between the sales strategy and the final contract.


Profiling and Business Critical Intelligence

Most popular method to identify your target companies and target audience. The information collection extends beyond basic contact information to business-critical information that helps for tele-calling or broadcasting EDMs to make them aware of certain products / services or invite them to participate in events & webinars or preparing for sales pitch.

Data Management (CDS) for third parties

Managing and nurturing more than 3 lacs of records along with critical information Machwan has built a captive Database Management Centre with skilled resources, automated processes and tools. This has driven us to manage business critical data (transactional data of customers, contact profiling data etc.) for our clients as a third-party service provider. The data accumulated from various sources at client’s end are collected, cleaned, standardized, validated and put into tools for further use.

Sales Channel Activation

Sales Channel Activation Program

Marketers find it tough to develop a reliable distribution network in new geographies for reaching out to the end consumers. Machwan lends and stretches its arms to on-board them.

ISV Activation

Technology vendors often struggle to find out the right ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) for technology collaboration and partnering. We help the vendors to identify ISVs with required skill, background and capabilities provide a platform for a future tie-up.

Cluster based / Pin Code based customer activation program & white space prospecting

A unique and ROI driven concept to find white space within a city / market / geography. Aptly designed for on-boarding net new
customers, new pockets. Due to its combing operation no stones are left unturned. Our services go beyond Tier 1 to Tier 3 cities in India.

Person & Position Tracking Survey within Ministers, Bureaucrats, Political Leaders and GOVT Officials of India

Machwan makes a daunting task while it tracks Person & Position movement within Ministers, Bureaucrats, Political Leaders and GOVT Officials of India. Many of our clients use this data for digital marketing, email marketing while conducting any influencer programs.



Webinars have become an important component and medium that allows companies to find new customers, educate current clients and strengthen their customer services. Machwan offers end to end services that includes database mgt, audience acquisition for the webinars, provide platform and post webinar analysis.

Custom Research & Strategic Consulting

Our services have extended beyond market campaigns to a full-fledged customized business intelligence service provider. We satisfaction, quality and value additions to its client in the following areas:

  • Market Opportunity Assessment & Forecasting – Penetration, Investment, Sizing and Driver Analysis
  • Competition Tracking (Price, Product & Market Strategy)
  • Brand Awareness and Perception
  • Validation, Concept and Price Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Management
  • Market Entry, GTM /RTM Strategies
  • CIO /CFO Survey
  • Merger & Acquisition support

About Us

Machwan was established in the year 2005 as a Business Intelligence and Consulting firm and we have been on an epic ride ever since.

Over the past 10+ years we have managed campaigns for several industry leaders across verticals and segments through world class and most efficient database management, Lead & Sales Enablement Program, Digital & Webinar services and Sales Channel Activation Program.

We provides customized marketing campaigns ensuring seamless execution right from uncovering the universe for a product or service to opportunity generation and post closure analytics.

Machwan’s strengths are unparalleled to make it a sought-after business intelligence provider in below segments:-
  • HBBs
  • SMBs
  • Large Enterprises
  • Government Sectors

The company acquired ISO certification for data collection and processing in 2017.

Machwan is one of the few market intelligence organizations in the country
to adopt 100 % data protection policy well ahead of others in the market and GDPR mandate coming out on 25th May 2018.

Towards protecting personal data and information we maintain rigorous measures with general guidance within a global data protection framework to ensure that data subjects retain control over their personal information.

In addition, we do periodic reviews and comply with the national data protection and market research self-regulatory requirements of each country where to do fieldwork or process data.

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