About Us

We began as a simple data base operation in 2002 has gradually flourished into a full fledged

customized business intelligence services that includes data base management, lead generation,

competition analysis and loyalty programs.

  • Who we are

    We started our operations in 2002 and emerged as one of the fastest growing company offering B2B marketing services to our clients. We have network offices in all the major cities in India to give our clients the local edge....

  • What we do

    We are a leading provider of database management, lead generation, loyalty programs, MCDF for associations, sales channel development and market research services across wide range of industry verticals....

  • Why choose us

    We have unmatched profiled database of more than 200,000 organizations in India with more than 600,000 contacts. In the year 2009, our targeted marketing campaigns for various products and services across sectors resulted....

  • Key reasons

    for our success

    The key to our success is that every employee at MCR lives and works with Machwan Values: Honesty , Integrity, commitment and passion. All of our 1200+ Projects have been executed on time with highest customer satisfaction.
    Our ability to step up and deliver on our commitments , handle large and complicated projects with ease, demonstrate stretch, and deliver results at lowest possible cost , has won us several awards and accolades.

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Our Services

We are a complete database solutions and marketing company providing multi disciplinary services under one roof.
Our Data Management services include data cleaning, database deduping, database building & profiling. Other services include
Lead Generation and Tele prospecting, Response Management, Relationship
Loyaltyprogram Management & Market Research.

  • Database

    As a leading provider of database generation and management services across various Industries, Machwan has helped clients in acquiring.

  • Lead

    Sustenance of every business is dependent on sales. The sales force needs continuous inputs in the form of sales leads for follow ups.

  • Market

    As you face shrinking budgets, fierce competition and intense pressure to deliver results, market research becomes an important design.

  • Loyalty

    Loyalty is demonstrated by the action of a consumer. High satisfaction does not guaranty high loyalty. In the packaged goods industry,

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