Market Research Companies - From Machwan View

Machwan is a market research company in India and it provides customized marketing campaigns ensuring seamless execution right from uncovering the universe for a product or service to opportunity generation and post closure analytics.

Market research is a blueprint to deal with accumulate, dissect, and decipher factual information to enable Organizations to devise successful systems and develop their business. It includes utilizing a factual and logical way to deal with acclimatizing and process data in regards to target gatherings of people/markets of associations. It incorporates dissecting social patterns and shopper suppositions. Market Intelligence and digital marketing subsequently likewise need to utilize extra connectivity with social methods to increase further bits of knowledge and reach out to the group of onlookers.

Market Research- Machwan

Exploring the white space

Identify potential market for a particular product or service
Provide insights into customer behaviour for the particular market

Identify & Profile Accounts

Identify Organizations
Profile them for Information

Run Marketing Campaigns

Plan & Execute marketing campaigns on the data set
Mailing Campaigns, Webinars, Tele-marketing Campaigns, feet on street campaigns etc are carried out by Machwan on behalf of their Clients
Track Responses & Generate Leads

Provide Post Campaign Analytics & Support

Machwan provides post campaign analytcs support to their Clients.
This includes number of leads generated, movement of leads from inception to closure.
Percentage Closure
Region Wise Analytics.
Product Wise Analytics etc.

Our Clients