Lead generation is the initial step in the sales enablement program. Machwan specializes in end to end lead generation services.

Sales enablement is an area that continues to grow in importance. It is concerned with the systems and processes that equip sales team with the right business information whenever and wherever it is needed.

What we do: Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales opportunity identification through:

  • Leads building
  • Prospecting and Qualifying before planning a sale
  • The Sales Funnel Creation to visualize the process of finding and qualifying your target customers
  • Scheduling appointments for your sales / marketing team

Marketers find it tough to develop a reliable distribution network in new geographies for reaching out to the prospective customers. Machwan helps its customers identify the pain areas and therefore offers custom fit solutions to effectively contact potential customers and efficiently manage the lead generation process.

Machwan is one of the few market intelligence organizations in the country to adopt 100% data protection policy well ahead of others in the market since the mandate was circulated on 25thMay 2018. Towards protecting personal data and information we maintain rigorous measure with general guidance within a global data protection framework to ensure that data subjects retain control over their personal information.