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Solutions For Database Management

Database Management is one of the core businesses of Machwan. It has pioneered the systematic generation of database and management services targeted for various Industries, Machwan has assisted customers in acquiring and maintaining critical & big databases in across verticals & sub-verticals. At MCR resource center we generate, validate and update databases on our own or as per the requirements of our customers.

Over last decade, this continuous process of generating and upgrading databases has resulted in a profiled database of more than 200,000 companies (includes listed, ET 500 and BT 500/1000 companies) in programmatic way. MCR’s services cuts across various technologies and business automation sectors.

Database Mining :

The databases are generated from different sources and are available in different templates and it becomes pertinent to process the same to make it usable. For this we allow the databases to pass through several layers of activities such as:


……. to transform raw data into meaningful and usable information.

MCR Offerings:

Database Management
Data Standardization & Database Cleaning

Information collected from various sources and available in different formats are converted into meaningful data. Standardization ensures portability of data within various departments of the same company.

Database Profiling

It is very important for organizations to profile, update and manage the business-critical information regularly, constant validation and updating of data plays a major role in database management.

Contact Profiling

Profiling for identifying who is your best target audience.

Database Tracking in Programmatic Manner

This is basically an extended form of validation and updating process whereby a huge chunk of data/critical business information gets tracked regularly over a period.

Vertical / Segmentation Focus Profiling

Segmenting the marketing vertically means picking a specific niche and trying to brand yourself as a product or service that specializes in that niche area.

Competitive Intelligence by Products, Categories & Brands

Market Intelligence also includes the information relevant to a company's market, competition and other business critical data points gathered and analyzed.