As a leading provider of database generation and management services across various Industries, Machwan has assisted customers in acquiring and maintaining critical & big databases in across verticals & sub-verticals. At MCR resource centre we generate, validate and update databases on our own or as per the requirements of our customers

This continuous process of generating and upgrading databases has resulted in a profiled database of more than 200,000 companies (includes listed, ET 500 and BT 500/1000 companies) in programmatic way.

Database Mining :

The databases are generated from different sources and are available in different templates and it becomes pertinent to process the same to make it usable. For this we allow the databases to pass through Data Standardization - Data Cleaning – Data De duplication - Data Validation services to transform raw data into meaningful and usable information.

Data Standardization & Database Cleaning :

Data is collected from different sources and is available in different formats. This means that any processing on this data is not possible unless the structure is uniform. Standardization ensures portability of data within various departments of the same company. A simpler reason for standardization is the ease in the usage of the database by its users, faster modification and processing of data.

Our team of trained individuals work relentlessly to ensure the quality of standardization of data & information provided and adheres to the highest industry standards. This ensures that organizations can fulfil their crucial information requirements easily.

Database Profiling :

(Basic & Depth Level) In this era of the information age, huge amount of data gets accumulated on a regular basis. Thus it is very important for organizations to profile, update & manage the information regularly.

Research studies indicate that the rate of content/data points decaying in a database averages up to 20% every year. This not only makes the database inaccurate but also affects its efficiency and productivity. Constant validation and updating of data plays a major role in database management. We regularly validate databases involving large chunk of business information (basic or depth) for several organizations. We have an extensive database Profiling & validation expertise to ensure that your databases updated & managed efficiently.

Contact Profiling :

The contact profile in MCR is not only useful for researching your target leads, but also a useful feature for identifying who your best target audiences are in the organization. Through the profile, you can plan your campaigns. When analyzing your target contact profiles, always look for your best target audience for your campaign.

Database Tracking in Programmatic Manner :

This is actually a variation of the validation and updating process where by a huge chunk of data/critical business information gets tracked regularly over a period of time. This is especially essential for businesses that are heavily dependent and largely influenced by policies implemented by key personnel occupying important positions in company like key people, business expansion plans, technology implementation plan etc.

A constant tracking of these information can enable you to quickly establish a communication in case there is a change in the personnel occupying the position. Also, once the person moves out from a position it helps in tracking his/ her movement since you already have an established business relationship with this person.

Vertical / Segmentation Focus Profiling :

Segmentation is a marketing technique used by businesses to target a specific type of vertical/customer or section of the marketplace. Horizontal segmentation means selling a product to a wide spectrum of verticals/customers, while vertical segmentation narrows your selling focus to target vertical/customers in a focus demographic. Segmenting the marketing vertically means picking a specific niche and trying to brand yourself as a product or service that specializes in that niche.

Competitive Intelligence by Products,Categories & Brands :

Market Intelligence is the information relevant to a company's market, gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics. In simple terms, market intelligence is data points/information that is gathered for the purpose of making business decisions.